To run the application on your Windows machine, copy the Release folder on your machine and run the .exe file.

How to use it?

  1. Enter the text in the text box.
  2. Click the send icon.
  3. The result is displayed.

The result generated gives the Rating, Emotion and Score (out of 10) of the text entered by the user. Examples are given below


The application might give an Error message in the form of a snackbar in some cases, the possible error and their solution:

1. No Internet Connection Check your internet connection before using the application since an acrive internet connection is required to use it.

2. Avoid using hyphen or dashes In case you enter a text and the application gives you an error, remove the hyphens and then try again.

3. Try switching the case of I If all the above solutions don’t work, the try changing I to i or i to I.

In come cases the removing or adding the punctuation marks may help as well in case of error.

The Main Screen

Example 1



Example 2



Example 3




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