Todo ??

? Introduction

Todo is an Simple Task Management App coded using Dart which is a programming language for Flutter SDK(2.5) supports Null Safety.
This app works with Clean UI enhanced with Backend Support – Firebase.It’s showcase the list of daily task which we have to do
primarily and after completion of the task you can mark them completed.
This app carries a Google Authentication and a Main Screen to upload your daily task .


Provider State Management, which is recommended by Flutter as well,The main purpose is to manage the states and it also acts as a center of functions.

Provider Components

There are three components

  1. ChangeNotifier.
  2. ChangeNotifierProvider
  3. Consumer

Provider package

provider: ^6.0.1

Move to corresponding provider branch using the below command also check for documentation.

git checkout Provider

ℹ️ Local Installation

  1. Drop a ⭐ on the Github Repository.
  2. Fork the repository
  3. Clone the Repo by going to your local Git Client and pushing in the command:

?‍♀️How to run

flutter pub get
flutter run


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