An org-mode file viewer for iOS and Android.

What is org-mode?

Imagine a plain-text markup language like Markdown, but married to an application that is a literate programming environment and life organizer. In Emacs.


I started taking notes in org-mode at work, then found myself wanting to view them on my tablet in meetings. By default on iOS you can't open an .org file at all, as the OS doesn't even know that it's plain text.

I also wanted to try writing a parser with PetitParser; the result powers this application and is available as a separate library, org_parser.


  • Syntax highlighting for most org-mode syntax structures
  • Expand and collapse sections, blocks, and drawers
  • Reflow text for easy viewing on narrow screens
  • Pretty table rendering
  • Functional external links and section links
  • Visibility cycling
  • Search
  • Narrowing
  • "Reader mode" where extraneous markup is hidden

See the manual for details.


Orgro is a viewer. It does not support editing at all.

Many org-mode syntax structures are highlighted but not meaningfully