A Music Player for Music Collectors and Enthusiasts.

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AntiiQ as in “Antique” is an offline Android music player which started as a personal project due to my search for an open source music player with some specific features without finding one, so here we go.



  • Offline
  • It plays audio
  • Directory selection
  • Customizable behavior
  • Backup and restore user preferences and Playlists
  • Equalizer
  • Pitch, gain and speed tweaks
  • Embedded covers support
  • Search functionality
  • Global Selection


  • Additional Sort types from the default
  • Additional configurations
  • Disable Equalizer/Audio Effects for unsupported devices
  • Fix Storage permissions on Android 10
  • Landscape mode
  • Search to include results for matching Artist Names and Album Names
  • Add warning dialogs for actions such as “Delete Playlist”
  • UI tweaking options
  • Option to show track metadata tags and other important info
  • Add a toggle for showing track duration on the now-playing screen
  • More Themes(Probably including user theming).


  • Tag Editing: Attempted in a few different ways; app became quite heavy, while also leaving some pretty large footprints in cache and data storages.

Note: This player has been tested to be working fully on Android 13, and partially tested on a device running Android 10. Your mileage may vary and so, some feedback would be needed if any behaviour improvements would be necessary.


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