Dark Server – A Flutter Chat Application

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DarkServer is a Android/IOS application made in Flutter and the Dark Server Chat Flutter Core package.

Where To Start

The video tutorials provide a step-by-step guide to understand the code in this repository: Dark Server

More Samples

Looking for more Flutter content? Take a look at our samples repository to see what you can create using Stream and Flutter.

Installation Instructions

git clone https://github.com/HayesGordon/chatter.git

Check out the required branch

git checkout {branch-name}

Install dependencies

flutter pub get

Generate the needed platform folders (Android, iOS). Some of the branches may have these already included.

flutter create .

Further Setup

Add your Stream app’s key in lib/app.dart.

In the third tutorial the application requires Firebase Authentication and Cloud Functions to be setup. From the fourth tutorial this is even easier with Stream’s Firebase Extensions, see the video for more information.


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