TMDB_X is Dart / Flutter Android app which visualises data provided by IMDB API that could be useful for phone users.

Current features:

  • Open page: This page contains information about the most popular films and TV series presented in the carousel of their posters, and then there is a scrollable block with columns about the best films and TV series according to imdb and others.

application application

Currently in development:

  • Search page: Search for movies, TV series, actors, etc. using the IMDB database.
  • WatchList page: The page where the movies will be viewed.

Update map:

Update at the end of August 2022:

  • Add a SearchPage with a simple search;
  • Add ErrorPage;
  • Add pictures to OpenPages’s AllTimeBoxOffice from kinopoisk API;

Upadate sometime in September or October 2022:

  • Add Movie / TVs page;
  • Optimize requests;
  • Add “View more” for OpenPagess’ tabbar lists
  • Possible adding of user’s rating;


This project uses resources:


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