Expense Bud

An app to help you keep track of your expenses and stay on top of your game ?

This app was built with clean architecture and MVVM pattern

motivation: To have clear seperation of concerns with loosely coupled components and a undirectional flow of data, This means our app is maintainable, scalable and testable.


flutter: Google’s UI toolkit for building cross platform apps provider: State management library get_it: Dependency injection framework hive: Super fast key-value database library

Run Locally

Clone the project

  git clone https://github.com/Iamstanlee/expense_bud.git

Go to the project directory

  cd expense_bud

Install dependencies

  flutter pub get

Run the app android or ios simulator

  flutter run

Running Tests

To run tests, run the following command

  flutter test


  • Add insights feature
  • Support for more currencies


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