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Packages are shown in descending order starting from the most recently updated one on platforms other than the web.

Web App

About this app

This is a sample app using the following packages created by the same author.

The app shows an example of how those packages are combined. The author himself, however, is still examining and considering how they are made good use of to make the app more maintainable and easier to evolve, so the current app design is not necessarily the best.

  • pot
    • An easy and safe DI solution.
    • This is a little similar to providers of pkg:riverpod in that the instance is assigned to a global variable and can be accessed from anywhere, but different in that a Pot is just a service locator with only a few handy features but with no complexity.
  • grab
    • A package to control rebuilds of a widget based on updates of a Listenable such as ChangeNotifier and ValueNotifier.
    • Usage is similar to watch() and select() of pkg:provider used on BuildContext, but Grab does not depend on the widget tree.
    • Take it as an extension method version of ValueListenableBuilder with filtering.
  • async_phase_notifier
    • A variant of ValueNotifier very similar to AsyncNotifier of pkg:riverpod.
    • AsyncPhase has one more phase “initial”, which AsyncValue of Riverpod does not have.
    • AsyncPhaseNotifier provides a way to listen to errors, and there is also AsyncErrorListener that is a widget with an error handler, convenient for imperatively showing a message (e.g. showing a SnackBar) or for logging.
  • custom_text
    • A highly customisable text widget that decorates strings and enables tap / long-press / hover actions flexibly based on regular expression patterns.
    • Such decorations and actions are available even in text editing with CustomTextEditingController, although the controller is not used in this app.

How to run

If you change some classes from which code is generated, run the command below to generate updated code.

$ flutter pub run build_runner build -d

This project already contains the code generated by build_runner, so if you haven’t changed anything, the above command is unnecessary.

To start the app, just run flutter run, with additional options if necessary.

Mock data for the web

The API is not available on the web unfortunately, so mock data preset in the app is used instead. The data contains the packages by the author and 150 most popular packages.

Mock data on other platforms

To use the data on other platforms, pass the USE_MOCK environment variable as below:

flutter run --dart-define=USE_MOCK=true


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