Bocchi Flutter

So, basically this is an Anime streaming application. It uses consumet API under-the-hood for everything from searching to streaming. It uses animepahe as the stream provider and gogoanime for the info you see on the episode list, like episode title and episode description.


Possible improvement

I chose gogoanime to display episode info because animepahe, simply, has no data about episodes, whatsoever. I would have gone with gogoanime’s stream service as well, only if it was not broken to begin with. Well, animepahe was also broken but with a little string manipulation, I got it to workπŸ˜….

If you were to sacrifice info about episodes like their title and description, this app can be made a LOT faster. Since, I have to fetch both animepahe and gogoanime endpoints, the app is a little slow, but nothing deal-breaking.

Fixing the consumet 403 error

The stream sources from consumet are plain broken. Well, zoro is working but you’ll have to manually manage all the soft-subtitles. Well, I got animepahe to work!

TLDR; if you get a url that looks something like this from animepahe-



just replace the .cache. segment with .files. It will work like a charm! Finally, it should look something like this-



That’s all, Bye πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹


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