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Project Description

My Anime App is a mobile application developed using Flutter, My Anime app allows users to watch their favorite anime shows for free, with a user-friendly interface that is responsive to all mobile devices. With the built-in search engine, users can easily filter anime shows based on their preferences, and with filter button categories, users can quickly find the specific anime they are looking for.

My Anime App contains 12 pages, each designed to enhance the user experience and provide helpful information. Here are the roles of each page:

  1. Onboarding screen: This page welcomes users to the app and provides a brief overview of its features.

  2. Launch screen: This page displays the app logo and serves as a loading screen while the app is starting up.

  3. Login/Sign up: These pages allow users to create an account or log in to their existing account, so they can save their favorite anime shows and resume watching where they left off.

  4. Home page: This page is the main hub of the app, where users can see their recommended anime shows, popular anime shows, and newly added anime shows.

  5. All anime pages: These pages display all the anime shows available on the app, sorted by categories such as genre, release year, and popularity.

  6. Anime details page: This page provides detailed information about a specific anime show, including its categories, rating, and description.

  7. Your favorite animes page: This page displays all the anime shows that the user has saved as favorites, allowing them to quickly access their preferred shows.

  8. Categories page: This page displays all the categories available for filtering anime shows, allowing users to quickly find the specific anime they are looking for.

  9. Settings page: This page allows users to customize their app settings, such as language preferences and push notifications.

  10. Help page: This page provides users with helpful information on how to use the app, troubleshoot common issues, and contact customer support.

  11. About the app page: This page provides information about the app’s developer, description, and contacts.

Overall, My Anime App provides a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for anime fans, with a wide selection of shows to choose from and helpful features to enhance their viewing experience.

🚀 Folder Structure

└── my_anime_app/
    ├── lib/
    |   ├── models/
    |       └── auth.dart
    |       └── login.dart
    |       └── signup.dart
    │   ├── models/
    |       └── product.dart
    |       └── categorym.dart
    |   ├── pages/
    |       └── about.dart
    |       └── category.dart
    |       └── categoryanime.dart
    |       └── favourite.dart
    |       └── help.dart
    |       └── home.dart
    |       └── seeall.dart
    |       └── setting.dart
    |   ├── screens/
    |       └── anime_screen.dart
    |       └── onboard.dart
    |   ├── services/
    |       └── anime_service.dart
    |       └── category_service.dart
    └── main.dart

Full Demo



Onboarding screen


Launch screen

Launch Screen

Home page

home screen page

Login page

login page

Sign Up page

sign up page

All animes page

all animes page

anime details page

anime details page

About Us page

about page



Settings page


Help page

help page

Device Preview: iPhone 12 mini


1. The app is still in the development phase and is not yet finished.

2. Currently, I am focusing on improving the categories and favorite mechanism of the app to provide a more seamless and user-friendly experience for our users. By optimizing these features, we aim to make it easier for users to find and save their favorite anime shows, and to streamline the checkout process for any premium content. Our goal is to ensure that users can enjoy their anime watching experience with as little friction as possible.

3. The app will be connected to the user’s Firebase account to provide secure login and account management features..


Mostafa Hassan

Getting Started

Note: Make sure your Flutter environment is setup.


In the command terminal, run the following commands:

$ git clone my_anime_app
$ cd my_anime_app/
$ flutter packages get
$ flutter run

Languages and Tools that used in this project

flutter dart


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