Amaan – You Deserve to be Safe!

This is Hackfair 2.0 Submission where team from Google DSC COMSATS University Islamabad developed a women safety app and played their part in women rights and empowerment.

⚠️ Problem Statement

Unfortunately, over time, violence against the fair sex has been intensified which resulted in an obstacle for them to prosper and grow equitably. Women comprise more than 48% of the population of Pakistan which is nearly half of this state. But due to some conventions and annoying happenings, they are not able to take part in activities as much as men.

? Inspiration & Motivation

The thing that inspired us all to work for women’s empowerment was their capability to perform and deliver, they are as important as men. We as a student, boys, and part of families wanted to contribute to creating a beneficial cause of empowering women and to give them a tap on the shoulder to keep going and not give up!

For this, we developed a mobile application named “Amaan” – You deserve to be Safe!

It is a mobile application developed specifically for women. That lets them take a leap that they can count on someone and we made sure that “SOMEONE” will be none other but their own contacts which they can send alerts, locations, and much more.

? Features

Following are the features available in Amaan:

  • Get Home Safe: Tracking user’s location after specific time (Set by the user)
  • Safe Shake: Shake mobile device to send SOS alerts even if the app is closed!
  • Helplines: Contact nearest police stations, hospitals, fire brigade, pharmacies etc.

And related features to women safety ?

? Features in Future

  • Safe Audio: Enable user’s device audio for recording, that could be used as an evidence by respective department (e.g Police)
  • Overcome SMS Charges: We want to overcome the charges we required to send the SOS SMS in future in collaboration with our Government hopefully.

⚒️ Tools & Technology

  • Adobe XD (Ui/Ux Designing)
  • Flutter (Mobile App Development)

? More Look & Feel

Here’s what we have developed!


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