Drip – A YouTube Music Client

Visit Webpage: https://drip-youtubemusic.vercel.app/

## Beta Version 0.2.5

A simple YouTube Music Client written in Dart using Flutter Framework with @microsoft Fluent design guidlines.

Home Screen

Dark Theme

Home screen

Light Theme

Notes Screen


Options Menu

Read Notes

Artist Section

artist page light

Widget Mode


What works now.. ?


  • Real time suggestion ( Update 0.2.5 )
  • Artists
  • Music
  • Albums
  • Community PLaylists
  • Moods & Genre Playlists


  • Related tracks when you play a track
  • Youtube Music Home Page
  • Gapless Playback
  • Follows Fluent design by Microsoft
  • Looks native to windows

Planned Features

  • Genres and Moods Added ✅
  • Albums Search
  • Updates to Widget Mode
  • Linux support
  • Android support
  • Lyrics
  • Playlist Import
  • Much more..


Big thanks to the following people for their awesome Open Source projects. Learnt a lot from their projects. Really great work.

UI / UX improvements @wantedbear007


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