A weather app inspired by the beautiful designs made by Alyssa-Maree. In this App you'll be able to find out the live weather data in the current location, hourly weather and 7 day weather of the device as well as the weather for any city you can think of!


What is used in this project

  • How to use Dart to perform asynchronous tasks.
  • Async and await.
  • Futures.
  • Network with the Dart http package.
  • OpenWeatherAPI to get weather data using latitude, longitude and city
  • JSONs and parse them using the Dart convert package.
  • Pass data forwards and backwards between screens using the Navigator.
  • Handle exceptions in Dart using try/catch/throw.
  • Lifecycle of Stateful Widgets and override them.
  • Geolocator package to get live location data for both iOS and Android.
  • TextField Widget to take user input.
  • Spinner to show to user while the data loads.
  • Day and Night UI colour change dynamically.
  • ExpansionPanelList view.


  • Temperature
  • Feels like temperature
  • Visibility
  • Pressure
  • Max temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Humidity
  • Day/night mode
  • Search weather by city
  • Get current weather on clicking on 'place icon'
  • Hourly Weather Forecast with dynamic temperature, weather icon and time in horizontal scrolling
  • Get Autocomplete list of cities as you type using Google Places API
  • Google Places API for searching city name.
  • 7 Day Weather Forecast