BLoC App

This is a very simple application focusing on the use of BLoC and Cubits. From now on, I will definitely create applications only with its use, because it is a great solution! First, I will describe this application briefly, what I used, and at the end there will be a short video.

Brief description of the application

It is a simple counter where the user can add 1 or subtract 1 from the current value of the counter. In addition, the application checks the user’s internet connection. In this case, only Cubits were used as there was no need to create a BLoC for this. I got to know many classes like BlocProvider, BlocListener, BlocBuilder .. but also, etc. I also used HydratedBloc. Overall, the architecture is very cool, I definitely recommend learning it, because it makes your work much easier and is very clear when it comes to code.




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