la-indexes-comparer is a tool to compare Solr indexes/collections from Living Atlases portals. It support core and collections from solr and solrcloud, and pipelines and biocache-store indexes.

This is useful to compare different created indexes and see differences to take actions, (like to switch to use a new index).


la_indexes_comparer -a https://your-solr-index-a -b https://your-solr-index-b -1 core-or-collection-a -2 core-or-collection-b -c -l "cl2,cl3,cl6"
# or using dart
dart run bin/la_indexes_comparer.dart -a https://your-solr-index-a -b https://your-solr-index-b -1 core-or-collection-a -2 core-or-collection-b -c -l "cl2,cl3,cl6"

More options:

-a, --solr-url-a (mandatory)        Solr URL A
-b, --solr-url-b (mandatory)        Solr URL B
-1, --collection-a (mandatory)      Collection A
-2, --collection-b (mandatory)      Collection B
-c, --collectory-url (mandatory)    Collectory URL
-l, --layers (mandatory)
    --[no-]drs                      Compare drs
                                    (defaults to on)
    --[no-]species                  Compare species
                                    (defaults to on)
    --[no-]truncate-species         Only show the start and end of the comparison of species
                                    (defaults to on)
    --[no-]inst                     Compare institutions
                                    (defaults to on)
    --[no-]compare-layers           Compare layers
                                    (defaults to on)
    --[no-]hubs                     Compare hubs
                                    (defaults to on)
    --[no-]csv-format               Print results in CSV format
-d, --[no-]debug                    Show some extra debug info

Its works also with basic auth:

la_indexes_comparer -a https://user:pass@your-solr-index-a -b https://user:pass@your-solr-index-b -1 core-or-collection-a -2 core-or-collection-b -c -l "cl2,cl3,cl6" 


It can generate markdown tables (useful for attaching in issues) or CSV tables. See this sample output.


Just download a release binary and run it from your computer or a internal server.


To use this utility you will need dart, follow these steps:

  • Clone this repository:
git clone
  • Navigate to the cloned repository:
cd la-indexex-comparer
  • Install the dependencies:
dart pub get
  • Modify and execute this utility from the command line:
dart run bin/la_indexes_comparer.dart (...)


dart compile exe bin/la_indexes_comparer.dart
cp bin/la_indexes_comparer.exe bin/la_indexes_comparer # only to avoid the .exe

Future steps

If useful, we can integrate this in the la-toolkit as an additional tool or to detect issues.


MPL © Living Atlases


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