Webshot API

Yet another simple webshot API but written in dart and built using Shelf library to generate images from url. This is really useful for link previews for blog shares in social media sites.

Deploy your own instance

  • Locally hosting

Install Dart SDK.

Follow this link to get started with Dart.

Clone the repository.

git clone https://www.github.com/EverythingSuckz/webshot-api
cd webshot-api
dart pub get

Running the webserver.

You can run the webapp with the Dart SDK by executing this in the terminal:

dart run

or to specify a port:

dart bin/webshot_api.dart --port 8080

For generating a standalone executable file:

dart compile exe bin/server.dart -o server.exe
  • Heroku

    • todo

Note: This is my first dart project so, the code might be a bit messy.



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