Firebase API Client Libraries for Dart


This is based on the googleapis.dart repository but instead aimed at supporting Firebase related APIs only. Additionally, this adds support for several unlisted (but discoverable) Firebase APIs that are not listed on the official discovery API that googleapis.dart uses (and is currently limited to) as well as several private APIs (APIs that require an API key to view discovery information).

See ./generated/firebaseapis/ for information on all the currently supported APIs.

Usage Example

// Import the APIs you want to use
import 'package:firebaseapis/firebaseremoteconfig/v1.dart' as remote_config;
import 'package:firebaseapis/firebaserules/v1.dart' as firebase_rules;
// Import Auth client
import 'package:googleapis_auth/auth_io.dart' as auth;

// Get an Auth Client
final authClient = await auth.clientViaApplicationDefaultCredentials(scopes: [

// Call some APIs
final rc = remote_config.FirebaseRemoteConfigApi(authClient);
final config =
  await rc.projects.getRemoteConfig('projects/<your-project-id>');

final fr = firebase_rules.FirebaseRulesApi(authClient);
final rules =
  await fr.projects.rulesets.list('projects/<your-project-id>');


This project uses Melos to manage the project and dependencies.

To install Melos, run the following command from your SSH client:

pub global activate melos

Next, at the root of your locally cloned repository bootstrap the projects dependencies:

melos bootstrap

The bootstrap command locally links all dependencies within the project without having to
provide manual dependency_overrides. This allows all
plugins, examples and tests to build from the local clone project.

You do not need to run flutter pub get once bootstrap has been completed.

Adding a new API

To add a new API and generate library code for it is fairly straightforward;

  1. Add the API to the apis list in ./config.yaml
  2. Run melos run config:download to update the downloaded discovery document JSON files that are in ./discovery.
    • Note: several APIs require an API key to be able to read the discovery information. Set a API_KEY environment variable before running the command to be able to download the discovery documents for these private APIs, e.g. API_KEY=<your-key-here> melos run config:download.
  3. Run melos run config:generate to generate new Dart library code for the API, which outputs to ./generated/firebaseapis.

Maintained by Invertase.