A simple todo app built with flutter.

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Getting Started

  1. flutter create --androidx . if android/ios folders aren't present.
  2. flutter packages get
  3. flutter run


  1. Provider for simple state management.
  2. Stream builder for reactive data.
  3. SQLite for persistence.
  4. Uses moor as an abstraction layer on top of SQFlite.


  • [x] Option to add due date
  • [x] Option to tag user tasks
  • [x] Option to edit and delete tasks
    - [x] Swipe to delete
    - [x] Long press to edit
  • [ ] Scheduled local notifications for tasks tagged as Important and have a due date.
  • [ ] Option to edit tags
  • [ ] Publish to play store
  • [ ] Redesign ui to custom design. (Not following Material/Cupertino)
  1. Replace assets/images/logo.png with your own.
  2. Run flutter pub pub run flutter_launcher_icons:main to generate platform specific icons.