Toe Tack Tick

A simple Tic Tac Toe game with an unbeatable AI opponent. Built using Flutter.


  • Play against an unbeatable AI opponent.
  • Beautiful and modern user interface.
  • Enjoyable sound effect and music.
  • Responsive design for various screen sizes.


Screenshot 1

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Getting Started

  1. Clone this repository.

  2. Make sure you have Flutter installed on your machine.

  3. Navigate to the project directory and run flutter pub get to install dependencies.

  4. Run the app using flutter run.


    To try out the game, you can download and install the APK file from the following link: Download APK

    Make sure to enable installation from unknown sources on your device before installing the APK.

    Once the APK is installed, you can open the game and start playing!

How to Play

  • Launch the app and choose your mark (X or O).
  • Make your moves by tapping on the empty cells on the board.
  • Try to form a line of your marks (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) to win the game.


Contributions to this project are welcome! Feel free to open issues and submit pull requests.


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