Team members:

Kholoud Abdulrahman Aljedaani, Nouf Awadh Alharthi, Aisha Mohamed F Alsaedi.

Mark :

UI(50) Code(30) Idea(20) Total(100)
50 30 20 100


The Game Roules:

  • This Game have some of roules:
    • a user have tow helping button. The first one is 50/50 that can remove tow option. The Second is change the question
  • the user can withdrawa any time and can get a balance that has reached
  • Loss Roule: if the user loss: if the balance grater than or equale 32000 it take 32000 if the balance grater then or equale 1000 it will get 1000 if less than 1000 it will get nothing


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