90Quiz Challenge

90Quiz is a 90 days quiz challenge app developed using the Flutter framework that provides you a single quiz everyday for 90 days.

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Why did I made this App?

As I’m currently learning Flutter I developed this Training Project to practice my flutter skills and learn something new! so yeah, expect to see some problems and mistakes in the source code!

Some features of the 90Quiz challenge app

  • This app provides you a single quiz everyday for 90 days
  • Provides you more information about each quiz
  • It tracks your status such as number of correct answers, best streak and …
  • The Streak design in the homepage changes as your streak goes up (up to 10 streak which is the gold card)

So what did I Achieve? (and couldn’t Achieve)

here is a list of what I achieved and learned and things I couldn’t solve by doing this project

I’ve Learned I couldn’t
Using SharedPreferences and storing local data Solve the issue of images loading slowly
Splash Screens and loading the app meanwhile keep the project clean and It’s pretty messy
Simple Animations and optimizing them use Complicated Animations and controllers
Parse and use Jason files in my project
Improved my UI/UX design skills
Solving the Janky Animations issue

Can You Help me?

The Code is public and under the Apache License, so You can review, modify and contribute into the project. as I’ve mentioned earlier, this is a learning Project and I can tell that it’s full of mistakes! so you can help me make it better and learn something new!

Download The Released App

Android version: download apk


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