Simple flutter shopping list app with firebase database

Shopping List App

Welcome to the Shopping List app! This Flutter app allows you to manage your groceries by adding, viewing, and removing items from your shopping list.


The ItemsScreen is a pivotal component of the Shopping List app, providing a comprehensive view of your grocery items. This screen enables users to interact with their shopping list, add new items, and remove items they no longer need. The NewItem screen is a crucial component of the Shopping List app, enabling users to input details for a new grocery item, such as name, quantity, and category.


  • Dynamic List: Display a dynamic list of grocery items fetched from a remote server.
  • Addition and Removal: Easily add new items to your shopping list or remove existing items.
  • Category Representation: Each item is represented by an icon corresponding to its category.
  • Loading and Error Handling: Visual cues for loading content and error messages in case of fetch failures.
  • User-Friendly Form: Intuitive form layout for entering item details like name, quantity, and category.
  • Input Validation: Real-time validation for ensuring valid user inputs.
  • Category Selection: Choose a category for the new item from a dropdown list.
  • Data Persistence: Save the newly added item to a remote server.


  1. Launch the app to access the "Your Groceries" screen.
  2. View your current shopping list with items categorized and represented by icons.
  3. Add new items using the "+" button in the app bar.
  4. Remove items by swiping left on the desired item in the list.
  5. Launch the app and navigate to the "Add a new Item" screen.
  6. Enter the name, quantity, and select a category for the new grocery item.
  7. Validate and submit the form to add the item to your shopping list.
  8. Optionally, reset the form or make corrections before submission.


We welcome contributions from the open-source community. If you have ideas for improvements, bug fixes, or new features, feel free to contribute. Please follow our Contribution Guidelines.


The Shopping List app is released under the MIT License. Feel free to use, modify, and distribute the app as per the terms of the license.

Happy shopping with the Shopping List app!

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