This package is only tested on Android and iOS !!!


Simple verification code input field.

Carefully read available props and functionalities to be able to decide whether this package is what you’re looking for or not. In case you need more advanced features you can take a look at Flutter_Pinput and pin_code_fields.



Create verification code field with custom look and behavior.

  • Provide custom header widget to be displayed above the field.
  • Customize cells to look the way that is required by your design.

Getting started

  • Add package to your dependencies in pubspec.yaml file.
  • Run flutter pug get.
  • Import it: import 'package:verification_code_field/verification_code_field.dart';.


The only required prop is length, here is a minimal example that you can copy and paste inside your project.

    length: 4,
    obSubmit: () => print('Submitted'),

Additional information

I’m open to contributions and suggestions, in case of any issues you can DM me or open a new issue.


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