? E-commerce App “Spring”

It’s a simple eCommerce “Shop” Application developed using Flutter-Firebase. It has the feature of adding products to the app by many different sellers “Basically, the users are the sellers”.

⚙ Tools Used

  • Flutter
  • Firebase

✨ Features

✔ User Authenticatin “SignUp, SignIn” with auto-logoIn and other related services
✔ Add and edit your products
✔ View products added by other users
✔ Maintain cart
✔ Make products as favourite
✔ Review your orders
✔ Connect with Firebase and store data as a RealTime data

? Illustration

Here are some Illustration of App Screens

Authentication Screen Product Overview Screen
Product Details Screen Home Screen Drawer
Cart Screen Orders Screen
Manage Products Screen Edit Product Screen


  • Clone the repo
  • Setup Firebase
  • Serach for TODO inside providers files: Product, Products, Orders, Auth
  • Replace each … with the required link


Thank you for using this repo and please contact me for any support or collaboration E-mail: [email protected].


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