Flutter Animations Gallery

This project is a showcase of the most common Flutter animation APIs.


Animations Gallery Preview

Also available as a Flutter web demo.


  • Curves: a showcase of all built-in Flutter animation curves
  • Themes: primary color theme selection (red, indigo, green, brown)
  • Duration: slider to set the duration of various animations in the app

Implicit Animations

  • AnimatedContainer
  • AnimatedPositioned
  • TweenAnimationBuilder

Explicit Animations

  • ScaleTransition
  • RotationTransition
  • Staggered Animations
  • Animated Ring (AnimationController + CustomPainter)

Other Features

  • Adaptive UI: Drawer navigation on mobile portrait, split view on mobile landscape or bigger form factors
  • Global application state with Riverpod (selected curve, theme, duration)

Note: I may expand this to include more examples in the future. Contributions and PRs are welcome.

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Animations Gallery Preview

License: MIT


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