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Set of basic geometric animations using Flutter available as Android App gallery

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Logo Credits

Awesome 3D Artwork by @killnicole available at Figma Community

What is?

Sometimes I get stuck on social media due the beautiful designs and geometry related stuff that shows up in my feed. And I always wanted to implement these kind of works/designs as animations, but I didn’t. So this project is to do it: create any kind of interesting animations, whether from the internet or even from my mind. Also, the name is ref to the aria math by C418!

Current animations

As the time I write this document, the project has two animations

All animations runs 60fps in real devices and the browser, the gifs are just for preview purposes

1. Minimal particle acceleration

Created just to setup the project and write some lines of code

  • Linear acceleration
  • Without physics

2. Circular particle acceleration

Same as the first one, created just to setup the project and to release criativity

  • Linear acceleration
  • Without physics

3. Sine particle acceleration

Sine time, now we have a animation related to the sine function

  • Linear acceleration
  • Without physics

Open Source

Copyright © 2022-present, Laks Castro.

aria is MIT licensed ?


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