BuyMe (2)

Project Description

  • BuyMe is a shopping app that allows the user to navigate through products, add products to favorites and customize his own profile.
  • BuyMe uses API Integration, Link on Postman:
  • BuyMe is a responsive application that works on different kinds of screens.
  • Uses Bloc concept.
  • Uses Poppins Font.

Tools and Plugins

  • Plugins
    • smooth_page_indicator
    • flutter_bloc
    • bloc
    • dio
    • conditional_builder_null_safety
    • motion_toast
    • shared_preferences
    • carousel_slider
    • image_picker
    • cached_network_image
    • flutter_screenutil
  • Tools
    • Dart Language
    • Flutter Framework
    • Android Studio IDE

Featues and Screenshots

  • Once you install and open the application, you will get to the Onboarding screen which carries information about the application. And this screen is only appearing after the installation.


  • Now, You can Login or Sign up. And then, you’ll be landed on the Home Screen.


  • You can add any product to favorites and it will appear immediately in the Favorites Screen. And then, maybe you want to break my heart to remove product from the list but… it’s Already Broken.


  • You can then veiw the product categories and see your profile.


  • Press Edit Profile if you want to make changes.


  • Turn the Dark Mode On to let your eyes rest and see this master piece.


  • You Can Change the language of the products.


  • Finally, It’s responsive!



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