A quiz-app bundled with Provider package for state management.

Implemented Features

  • MVVM (Provider+ChangeNotifiers) state sharing and state managing solution
  • Fully featured localization / internationalization (i18n):
    • Pluralization support
    • Static keys support with automatic string constants generation using the following command:
      • flutter pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs
    • Supports both languageCode (en) and languageCode_countryCode (en_US) locale formats
    • Automatically save & restore the selected locale
    • Full support for right-to-left locales
    • Fallback locale support in case the system locale is unsupported
    • Supports both inline or nested JSON
  • NOSQL database integration (SEMBAST)
  • Light/Dark theme configuration
  • Dynamic Themes changing using Provider
  • Automatic font selection based on the thickness of the glyphs applied.
  • API client configuration
  • DEV/STAGE/PROD application configuration
  • Multilevel configurable logger
  • Static analysis tool integration (flutter_lints package + custom rules config)
  • Common widgets sharing and reusing example

Course Work:



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