Covi Kill

Give Vaccine Kill Covid

Introduction ?‍?

In the initial stages of covid-19 vaccine testing trails, doctors are testing with many vaccines for discovering a cure for covid-19, at that stage it became difficult for the doctors to give a proper vaccine to their patients. So taking this part as an inspiration to provide a vaccine to their patient in difficulit situations. Covi Kill is a simple interactive game which is available in Android, Web, Linux made using flutter.

What it does ?

In this game, doctor avatar need to play 5 levels to complete the whole game, as the levels increases the game hardness increases. The Doctor need to take the vaccine to the covid-19 effected patients, and cure them. There are some covid-19 patients, the doctor need to give them the vaccine to that patient, so by delivering the vaccine to the patient he will be cured.

Built using ?

Built with Flutter

Built with Responsive Framework

Built with Rive

Challenges I ran into ?

It was the first time to Build an responsive app, so it was Challenging to build an app like this. Making the UI also gave me challanging.

Accomplishments that I’m proud of ?

I really proud of building an app like this which is responsive with many more other awsome features and it teached me a lot of lessons while building this app.

What I have learned ?

App State management is the biggest thing that I have learned while building this app, and learned creating animations using canvas as well as in Rive. The another biggest thing that I have learned is creating responsive apps. This app also made me learn many dart concepts and building some super cool logics which make the UI more iteractive.

What’s next for Covi Kill ?

At present this app is having 5 levels, so planning to extend the levels.

Getting Started ?‍♂️️

  • These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and be running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.

Prerequisites ✍️

Setting up your development environment ?️

  1. Download and install Git.

  2. Fork Covi kill

  3. Clone your fork of the project locally. At the command line:

    $ git clone
  4. Open Covi Kill in your favourite editor (VS Code, Android Studio etc)

  5. To install the dependencies run the following command in the terminal.

    $ flutter pub get
  6. Connect your Android emulator or your mobile device to your computer.

  7. Build the application in your device by clicking Run run button or run the following in terminal.

    $ flutter run

Instructions ?

  • The game contains 5 Levels?️, so you need to complete all the levels to complete the game.

  • To move the avatar use the Arrow Keys or the Swipe Gestures or the Joy Sticks ?.

  • Push the syringe vaccine ? to the patient, if both patient and vaccine merges u have completed vaccinating on patient, so the same for the rest of the patients.

  • Use the flag ? Icon to give up the game.

  • Use the restart ? Icon to restart the game.

  • Use the settings Icon ⚙️ to change the game settings.

    Disable/Enable the sound effects ?.

    Disable/Enable the Vibration ?.

    Disable/Enable the Joy Sticks ?.

Desktop View ?️

Mobile View ?

 Watch Demo Video ? : YouTube

 Try out the game from ? : here

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Happy Coding ?


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