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Packet Communication Interface Main Header

Author: Joshua Longhurst MSc BEng Created: April 2022


A prototype app for Prestige Medical to allow customers to connect to their devices and view new products and services.


The first goal of this project, started by Joshua Longhurst was making an interface for wireless serial communication between customer devices and office database. Now the repo features:

  • Device status monitoring,

  • Turning device on and off,

  • Opening settings,

  • Discovering devices (and requesting discoverability),

  • Listing bonded devices and pairing new ones,

  • Connecting to multiple devices at the same time,

  • Sending and receiving data (multiple connections).

For now there is only Android support.

Requirements to run

  • IDE tools are Visual Studio code and Android studio.
  • Flutter SDK
    Channel Version
    Stable 2.0.2
    Beta 2.0.2
  • Dart and Flutter add-ons for Visual Studio Code (available via the Visual studio code extension) in Android Studio it available in plugin preference.


Screenshots taken during the development:

Discovery and Connecting Main screen and options Sidebar Options Device List

To-do list

  • Add some utils to easier manage BluetoothConnection,
  • Allow connection method/protocol/UUID specification,
  • Recognizing and displaying BluetoothClass of device,
  • Auto-update device list,
  • Remote access to device,
  • Live update of consumables on sale,
  • Profile username, password database,
  • Data logging and chart production,



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