Podcast App - Flutter & Redux

A Podcast app with Flutter & Redux



I have built a basic podcast app with an interactive UI, as well as some of its functionalities :

  • Like System
  • Multi-word search system.

The app currently has 5 screens :

  • Home: With a hard-coded list of podcasts and an integrated search field. The screen adapts automatically depending on whether the TextField is empty or not.
  • Favorite: Displays liked podcasts and a button for each podcast to unlike it.
  • Podcast: Displays information and the episodes list of a particular podcast.
  • Episode: Displays information about the episode, a dynamic slider that changes the duration synchronously, and other non-functional UI Buttons (Inspired from an existing UI).
  • About: Displays basic information about the app.

Running the app

Clone this repo, run it and you're good to go.

git clone http://www.github.com/bilalelmahdaoui/podcast-app.git
cd podcast-app
flutter create .
flutter run