Notes App

The Notes App is an elegant note-taking application designed for both Android and iOS platforms. Built using Flutter, the app utilizes the sqflite package for local storage. The implementation includes basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on notes, making it a useful reference for working with sqflite in Flutter and handling local data storage.


  1. Create Note:

    • Allows users to create new notes.
  2. Update Note:

    • Provides functionality to update existing notes.
  3. Delete Note:

    • Enables users to delete individual notes.
  4. Delete All Notes:

    • Allows users to delete all notes at once.
  5. Last Update Timestamp:

    • Displays the timestamp of the last update for each note.
  6. Date and Time Created:

    • Includes information about the date and time when each note was created.

Tech Stack:

  • State Management: GetX
  • Local Storage: sqflite
  • Architecture Pattern: MVC (Model-View-Controller)

Note: The app is implemented using the GetX state management library, follows the MVC pattern for architecture, and showcases how to perform common operations on local data using sqflite in a Flutter application.