Flutter Weekly Digest

Hey flutter devs, Welcome to Flutter Weekly Digest #1.

Choosing the right Flutter library can be a daunting task given the multitude of options available, with thousands to sift through for your project needs. Fortunately, we will publish a weekly digest that highlights popular libraries based on GitHub trends.

The weekly digest includes handpicked Flutter libraries and projects with concise summaries, saving you time on finding worthwhile content.


1.Note Keep Up

Note Keep Up is a Note app developed with Flutter and Hive, inspired by Google Keep. The app serves as a practical platform for practicing prototyping and refining Flutter skills. It features a minimalist user interface with both day and night modes, providing users with a clean and visually appealing note-taking experience.

2.Leather Background

Leather Background Shader Demo is an open-source demo project that showcases the integration of shaders, sensor data, and Flutter to create an engaging and dynamic background. The project utilizes a custom fragment shader to render a leather-like texture, providing a visually appealing and interactive user experience. The background responds to both device movements and user interactions, adding a layer of interactivity to the visual elements.

3.Flutter PDF Document Generator Application

This application leverages Flutter to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for generating PDF documents. Whether you need to create reports, invoices, or any other document format, our Flutter-based solution ensures efficiency and flexibility. Enjoy a modern and intuitive interface as you effortlessly generate professional-looking PDFs with just a few taps. Streamline your document creation process with the power of Flutter PDF generation at your fingertips.



YuNO is a minimalist, open-source retro gaming frontend designed to deliver a nostalgic and efficient gaming experience. This project aims to create a simplified interface for accessing and playing your favorite retro games.


5.Persistent Shopping Cart

Persistent Shopping Cart is a Flutter package that provides a simple and persistent shopping cart functionality for your mobile application. It uses Hive for local storage, making the cart data persist across app sessions.



NosoSova is a lightweight wallet designed for the cryptocurrency Noso. Developed using Flutter (Dart), the application is currently in the alpha stage, indicating ongoing development and refinement.