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Developer Portfolio ⚡️

It’s minimal, beautiful and responsive!

Don’t have or don’t know Flutter?

  • Editing a JSON is all you have to do.

Made for people who are looking for a ready-made portfolio. Because making a portfolio out of scratch is tiring. Feel free to use it as-is or customise it just the way you want it to be.

Portfolio Sections

✔️ Skills
✔️ Summary and About me
✔️ Contact me
✔️ Education
✔️ Work Experience
✔️ Open Source Projects Connected hosted with GitHub
✔️ Other Projects
✔️ Achievements

Change and customize every section according to your need

Personalize page content in /assets/portfolio.json and modify it as per your needs. You can also change the title in web/index.html to change the title of your portfolio site. For reference, check out my personal portfolio.json.

IMPORTANT: Don’t want to share some details or don’t have an image file? Keep the value of the respective field empty (will load a template image or in case of text, will display no text. Your site won’t look bad ?)

  • Your name and link.

"name_and_link": [
    "your name",
    "a link (preferably github) of your choice"
  • The tagline section in the home page, add as many as you want.

"designation": [
    "first tagline",
    "second tagline"
  • Your social media handles. Currently supports icons for Facebook, GitHub, Linkedin, Twitter, Medium, Stack Overflow, Twitter and email. Specify the name of the social media in small letters in the json. If you want to add link to something else, simply keep the name value empty (will load a button with template image).

"social_media": {
    "1": [
        "your github link",
        "specify the name of the social media"
    "2": [
    "3": [
  • About and Bio section.

"about": "a small about section for the home page",
"bio": "a more detailed about for the contact me page"
  • Adding proficiency and used tools in What I do page.
    Simply place the image files (64×64) in assets/what_i_do/ and add the names in the json accordingly. In the example below, I have places 2 images (flutter.png and linux.png) under assets/what_i_do/.
    To add proficiency in a particular language or tool, place it like this: tool--proficiency_percentage. Add as many tools or proficiency items as you want.

"what_i_do": {
    "tools": [
    "proficiency": [
  • Education page.
    Place institute logo image file (128×128) under assets/education/.

"education": {
    "1": {
        "institute": "RCC Institute of Information Technology",
        "location": "Kolkata",
        "years": "2020 - 2024",
        "description": "B.Tech in CSE",
        "grades": "9.53 YGPA",
        "logo": "rcciit.png"
    "2": {
        "institute": "Gitaram Academy",
        "location": "Berhampore",
        "years": "2018 - 2020",
        "description": "Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science",
        "grades": "84%",
        "logo": ""
  • Experience page.
    Place logo image file (128×128) under assets/experience/.

"experience": {
    "1": {
        "name": "Google Developer Student Club",
        "role": "Cybersecurity core member",
        "period": "September, 2021 - Present",
        "description": "Helped in organizing and conducting technical workshops, for community members.",
        "image_name": "GDSC.png"
  • Projects page.
    You can either fill out all the details of a particular project or just the GitHub link (if you want to fetch and use the details provided in the GitHub repo).
    Note: The GitHub link (in both the cases) is required to fetch the number of stars and forks.

"projects": {
    "1": {
        "name": "flutter_dev_folio",
        "tech_stack_used": "Flutter",
        "description": "Minimal, Beautiful and responsive portfolio site template",
        "general_or_github_link": "https://github.com/danger-ahead/flutter_dev_folio"
    "2": {
        "name": "",
        "tech_stack_used": "",
        "description": "",
        "general_or_github_link": "https://github.com/danger-ahead/roBOT"
  • Achievements page.
    You can add a link where visitors can view or validate your achievement.

"achievements": {
    "1": {
        "description": "your achievement",
        "link": "https://some-link.com/view-certificate"
  • Contact me page.

"contact_me": {
    "location": "your location",
    "open_for_opportunities": "Yes or No",
    "picture": "picture.png"

How to deploy, run or test locally

# Clone this repository
git clone https://github.com/danger-ahead/flutter_dev_folio

# Go into the repository
cd flutter_dev_folio

# Create dotenv. No need to add any token now, GitHub API serves requests without authorisation.
echo "" > dotenv

# Get dependencies
flutter pub get

# Start a local dev server
# We'll be using the HTML renderer
flutter run -d chrome --web-renderer html


flutter_dev_folio uses the GitHub API for fetching details from GitHub. The API is currently rate limited to 60 requests/hour. To overcome this, we would need a GitHub Personal Access Token placed in the dotenv.

Generate a new token with only public_repo scope.


Create a dotenv file here:

- flutter_dev_folio
  - assets
  - lib
  - web
  - dotenv         <-- create it here
  - .gitignore
  - pubspec.lock
  - pubspec.yaml
  - README.md

Then paste the PERSONAL ACCESS TOKEN and run flutter build web --web-renderer html --release. This will create the build/ directory containing all your build files. You can now simply deploy the build/web/.

Or, You can create an empty dotenv file and run (and deploy) the project. Caution: This will limit the GitHub API to 60 requests/hour.

Or alternatively, Enable workflows in your fork and edit the json (and/or other files as per your wish) in your fork. Then commit and push. GitHub actions will soon generate the build files in the master-deploy branch. The generated build files will have rate limited API access.

For the future

This project is still very much in beta stage.

  • Adding more sections
  • Adding animations in different parts while loading the screens
  • Embedding and connecting Twitter, Medium or Linkedin

Consider opening a PR if you can help me with these.

If you’d like to contribute and make this much better for other users, have a look at the issues.

Created something awesome for your fork of the portfolio and want to share it? Feel free to open a pull request.