Stump is a logger for Flutter inspired by Timber. It provides a set of static methods to easily log messages and the support to multiple and custom printers.

Getting started

Initialize Stump by adding StumpPrinter implementations to it in the main() of your app. The library come with a printer implementation, DebugPrinter, that prints messages by using debugPrint, with automatic tag inference and color based on log level. You can add as many StumpPrinter as you want.

Example: basic setup


Example: DebugPrinter in debug only (no logs in release)

if (kDebugMode) {

Example: DebugPrinter in debug and a custom printer in release

if (kDebugMode) {
} else {


Stump.i('My info log message');
Stump.d('My debug log message');
Stump.w('My warning log message');
Stump.e('My error log message');

The result, if launched with DebugPrinter installed, will be similar to: Stump DebugPrinter example

You can optionally provide error and stacktrace to errors:

try {
  throw 'A very bad error';
} catch (error, stackTrace) {
  Stump.e('My error log message', error: error, stackTrace: stackTrace);


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