Flutter Ecommerce – Amazon Clone

Fullstack Flutter Amazon Clone

A Full Stack Amazon Clone app with Flutter!


Full Stack Working Amazon Clone app with Admin Dashboard using Flutter and Backend with NodeJs and MongoBD + Atlas.


Front end

Admin Panel

Getting Started

This project is a Full stack app for Amazon clone with Admin panel and Server side Flutter and Nodejs application.


  • User Registration and Login with email and password
  • Persisting Auth State with Provider
  • Search Products
  • Rate Products
  • Add to Cart Product
  • Buy product with ApplePay and Gpay
  • Search Category wise products
  • Add Multiple Address
  • Save default Address
  • Update and Delete Address
  • My Account
  • Your Orders to view recent Orders
  • Product Details
  • Getting Deal of the Day
  • Viewing Order Details & Status
  • Settings Screen
  • Amazon Pay, miniTV, Funzone
  • Sign Out … and many more
  • Admin Panel
    • View All Products
    • Add new Products
    • Delelte Products
    • View Orders and Change current status
    • Viewing Total Earnings
    • Viewing Category Based Earnings (on Graph)


  • API Key at https://cloudinary.com/ to store products image
  • Update Cloud name and Upload preset at lib -> features -> admin -> services -> admin_services.dart
  • image
  • Create MongoDB at https://cloud.mongodb.com/ and Add your connection string into your application code
  • project -> server -> index.js -> const DB = "mongodb+srv://***" // Please Enter your MongoDB URL
  • image
  • Head to lib -> constants -> global_variables.dart file, replace with your IP Address.

Installing Server

To run the server, run the following commands:

 npm install
 npm run dev (for continuous development)
 npm start (to run script 1 time)

Run the App

Before starting ?, you need to have Flutter installed.

# Clone this project
$ git clone https://github.com/RathaKrishna/flutter_amazon_clone.git

# Access
$ cd amazon_clone

# Pull dependencies
$ flutter pub get

# Run the project (emulator or physical device needs to be connected first)
$ flutter run

# Build an apk
$ flutter build apk --split-per-abi


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