Siro’s Todo App


  • A Flutter Todo App with Parse (Back4app) as the backend demonstrating CRUD operations.
  • Getx State Management


This repo will be useful to developers looking for an alternative to backend services like Firebase as they will enjoy building apps without any third party libraries when they switch to using RestFUL APIs provided by the Back4App platform.




  • Splash screen
  • Search tasks
  • Save tasks as well as Update tasks
  • Delete tasks.

How to run

  • Sign Up or Sign In on Back4app
  • Once signed in click “Build a new app” and give a name to your app
  • You will be taken to the console where by default there are 2 classes Under Database present namely Role and User. Create a new class named todo which will store the data for each Todo item.
  • Proceed to 2 columns namely: title and content to the class which will store the actual task.
  • Clone this repo
  • Navigate to the code lib\app\constants\api_constants.dart
  • On the console go to App Settings >> Security & Keys
  • Copy the Application ID and paste in place of YOUR_PARSE_APPLICATION_ID
  • Copy the REST API key and paste in place of YOUR_PARSE_REST_API_KEY
  • Run cd
  • Run flutter pub get
  • Run flutter run


Contributions are always welcome. Please fork this repository and contribute using pull requests. The pull requests will be thoroughly assessed and if found significant will be accepted.

Connect with me

My email: [email protected]


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