Quiz App

A Flutter project to take exam from different subjects. You can assign date, time and duration of the exam.


To Run The Project

➔ Clone my project from GitHub.

➔ Than install flutter sdk and project dependencies written in pubspec.yaml.

➔ Open the current directory in the terminal and run “flutter run”, to install it on emulator or a real device.

➔ I have also added the apk file for testing. Install it and please take a look.

About Project Structure

➔ In assets folder, there are many json files based on different subjects to get a question set(question, answer, options).

➔ Inside lib folder, there are three folders, 1.Model, 2.Pages, 3.Shared and a main.dart file which is the starting point of the app.

➔ Inside Model folder, there are different models(classes).

➔ Inside Shared folder, there are many different dart files, functions and variable which are being used at different pages.

➔ Inside Pages folder, there are three dart files 1.all_quiz_page, 2.quiz_page, 3.result_page.

➔ all_quiz_page is the page where user selects the exam topic from different subjects.

➔ quiz_page is the page where user take the exam.

➔ result_page is the page where user can see the result of the exam.


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