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A Flutter plugin to use iOS 15.0+ real-time connection SharePlay on a FaceTime call đŸŽĨ.

🧐 What is it ?

This plugin use official iOS GroupActivities API.

share_play can be used to communicate data over devices in a Flutter apps using iOS SharePlay features.

Why using iOS SharePlay?

  • ⚡ī¸ It’s fast.
  • 🍀 Reliable (using Apple server).
  • 💰 It’s “free” (including in your paid Apple Developer subscription).
  • 😌 Very easy to implement (in 3 lines of code you can share data!).
  • 🙌 Works accros iOS, macOS & tvOS.

⚠ī¸ share_play is only intended to use with iOS 15.0+! It will simply do nothing on other platform & < iOS 15.0

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đŸ‘ģ Getting started

ℹī¸ You can check into the example repository for a full example.

  • Open the Xcode workspace project ios/Runner.xcworkspace.
  • Enable “Group Activities” capabilities on the main Runner app.

enable group activities capabilities xcode

  • Import share_play & create an instance of the Plugin.

import 'package:shareplay/shareplay.dart';

// [...]

final _shareplayPlugin = SharePlay();

ℹī¸ Quick start

  • Add listener when a new message is received (in initState() method for ex).

void initState() {
  // [...]

  _shareplayPlugin.dataStream().listen((data) {
    // do what you want here :)
  • Start a new activity 🏁.
_shareplayPlugin.start(title: 'My Activity');
  • Join activity from another device 📲.

ℹī¸ By tapping on the SharePlay banner on top of the screen, you don’t need to call join() method!

  • Send your first message.
_shareplayPlugin.send('Hello from Flutter');

ℹī¸ For more, check documentation below or example.

📘 Documentation

Name Description Returned value
.start() Create an activity when a FaceTime call is active Future<bool> State of the new activity is created or not
.join() Starts the shared activity on the current device, not necessary if user tap on the SharePlay banner Future When a new activity was joined
.localParticipant() Use this property to differentiate the participant on the current device from participants on other devices Future<SPParticipant?> The participant on the current device including participant id
.end() Ends the activity for the entire group Future When the activity was stopped
.leave() Leaves the current activity Future When the activity was leaved
.send() Send a message to all other participants Future When the message was sent
.currentSession() Get the current session on the device Future<SPSession?> Current session including session id & activity title
.dataStream() The stream of messages received from other participants Stream<SPDataModel> Source participant & message data
.newSessionStream() A stream of all created sessions Stream<SPSession> Created session including session id & activity title
.participantsStream() A stream of all active participants in the current session Stream<List<SPParticipant>> All active participants in the activity
.sessionStateStream() A stream of the current session state. Stream<SPSessionState> Session state (SPSessionState.waiting, SPSessionState.joined or SPSessionState.invalidated)

đŸ‘Ĩ Contributions

Contributions are welcome. Contribute by creating a PR or create an issue 🎉.

đŸŽ¯ Roadmap

  • Add method to check if SharePlay is available.
  • Display a custom error when SharePlay is not available on older iOS version.
  • Implement prepareForActivation() method.
  • Create stream to handle message data & new session created.
  • Get local data like participant & session state.
  • Leave & end activity.
  • Send a message accros SharePlay.
  • Join an activity.
  • Start a new activity.


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