This package allows us to view our database in our development app without the need of exporting your database file. Filtering is done at database level.



Add dependency to pubspec

pub package

  moor_db_viewer: <latest-version>

Use it

Push a new route. The child will be the MoorDbViewer and pass your database to this screen.

final db = MyDatabase(); //This should be a singleton
Navigator.of(context).push(MaterialPageRoute(builder: (context) => MoorDbViewer(db)));

Moor Config

Using named columns

When using named columns you should add a @JsonKey to the column otherwise we won't be able to hide this table

class Todos extends Table {
  IntColumn get id => integer().autoIncrement()();

  TextColumn get title => text().withLength(min: 6, max: 32)();

  @JsonKey('body') //This is required for the moor_db_viewer. 
  TextColumn get content => text().named('body')();

  IntColumn get category => integer().nullable()();