Easy Dialog

Easy Dialog package helps you easily create basic or custom dialogs.


? Installation

In the dependencies: section of your pubspec.yaml, add the following line:

  easy_dialog: <latest version>

? Usage

Import this class

import 'package:easy_dialog/easy_dialog.dart';

Basic structure

        title: Text("Basic Easy Dialog Title"),
        description: Text("This is a basic dialog")).show(context);

? Examples

Let start creating simple but beautiful dialogs.

Here you have some basic examples of what can you build and let your creativity fly.


? Customization and Attributes

All customizable attributes for easy_dialog

Attribute Name Example Value Description
topImage AssetImage("assets/topImage.png") Top image for decoration purpose with rounded top corners
title Text("Alert") Dialog title, located under topImage if exists
tittlePadding EdgeInsets.only(left: 8.0,right: 8.0) Title padding
description Text("Connection error") Dialog description, located between title and contentList
descriptionPadding EdgeInsets.only(left: 8.0,right: 8.0) Description padding
contentList [
Text("This is an extra text line"), FlatButton(onPressed: () {},
  child: Text("Okay"),),
Optional widget list, located in order before description
contentPadding EdgeInsets.all(12.0) Content padding. It wraps all widgets including title and description
height 200 Dialog height
width 250 Dialog width
cornerRadius 15.0 Dialog corner radius
fogOpacity 0.5 Fog opacity, sets the black fog opacity behind our dialog from 0 to 1
closeButton false Close button enable/disable