Badges for Flutter

A flutter package for creating badges.


In your pubspec.yaml

  badges: ^1.0.0
import 'package:badges/badges.dart';

Basic Usage:

      badgeContent: Text('3'),
      child: Icon(Icons.settings),


BadgeAnimationType.slide BadgeAnimationType.scale BadgeAnimationType.fade

Custom Usage

There are several options that allow for more control:

Properties Description
Widget badgeContent The content of badge. Usually Text or Icon.
Color badgeColor Background color of the badge.
Widget child The main widget. By default it's below the red badge. Usually Icon, IconButton, Text or button.
double elevation Shadow of the badge.
bool toAnimate Whether animate badge when badge content changed or not.
BadgePosition position Can be one of BadgePosition.topLeft(), BadgePosition.topRight(), BadgePosition.bottomLeft(), BadgePosition.bottomRight(). Sometimes you want to create unique badge position or create new one manually. For this use BadgePosition.topRight(top: -12, right: -20) or BadgePosition.(left, top, right, bottom).
BadgeShape shape or BadgeShape.square. You can use borderRadius to change border radius of badge of you use square BadgeShape.square.
double borderRadius Border radius of badge. Applies only if BadgeShape.square is used.
EdgeInsets padding The padding of badge content.
Duration animationDuration The duration of badge animation when badge content is changed.
BadgeAnimationType animationType Can be one of BadgeAnimationType.slide, BadgeAnimationType.scale or BadgeAnimationType.fade.