Rough is a library that allows you draw in a sketchy, hand-drawn-like style. It's a direct port of Rough.js.


In the dependencies: section of your pubspec.yaml, add the following line:

  rough: <latest_version>

Basic usage

Right now only drawing via canvas is supported. This is a basic documentation in case you want to play around with Rough. I can't ensure non-breaking changes of the library interface.

To draw a figure you have to:

  1. Create a DrawConfig object to determine how your drawing will look.
  2. Create a Filler to be used when drawing objects (you have to provide a configuration for the filling and a DrawConfig for the filling path).
  3. Create a Generator object using the created DrawConfig and Filler. This will define a drawing/filling style.
  4. Invoke the drawing method from the Generator to create a Drawable.
  5. Paint the Drawable in the canvas using the drawRough method extension for Canvas.

Here an example on how to draw a circle:

//Create a `DrawConfig` object.
DrawConfig myDrawConfig =
  roughness: 3,
  curveStepCount: 14,
  maxRandomnessOffset: 3,

//Create a `Filler` with a configuration (we reuse the drawConfig in this case).
FillerConfig myFillerConfig = FillerConfig(
    hachureGap: 8,
    hachureAngle: -20,
    drawConfig: myDrawConfig,
Filler myFiller = ZigZagFiller(myFillerConfig);

//Create a `Generator` with the created `DrawConfig` and `Filler`
Generator generator = Generator(

//4. Build a circle `Drawable`.
Drawable figure =, 200, 320);

//5. Paint the `Drawable` in the canvas.
Canvas.drawRough(figure, pathPaint, fillPaint);

And this is the result:


Both DrawConfig and FillerConfig will use default values for anything not specified.


Some screenshots of the example app: