GLOBE (Blog Demo App)

Globe is a dynamic and modern Flutter blog app that allows users to explore, read, and share captivating blog posts. Built with a sleek design and user-centric features, Globe offers an engaging platform for both bloggers and readers. Firebase was used to create this app.


  • Read articles in a clean and responsive reader interface.
  • Like and comment on articles with others.
  • User-friendly search functionality for finding specific content.
  • Personalized user profiles for bloggers and readers.


Since this application has not yet been uploaded to google play, you can install it by downloading this ZIP-file on your phone Link on Google Drive:


This project is licensed under the MIT License – see the LICENSE file for details.


A special thank you to the Flutter community for their support and contributions. We are grateful to bloggers and content creators who inspire and enrich our digital world.


Screenshot_20230827_222541 Screenshot_20230827_222420 Screenshot_20230827_222402 Screenshot_20230827_222242 Screenshot_20230827_222207 Screenshot_20230827_221311


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