Project Title

Instant Worker App

  • We envision creating better and empowered livelihood for daily wagers all across India.
  • Through our innovation and dedication we are striving towards creating an organized infrastructure and accountable days of employment for these daily wagers .
  • We have deeply understood the state of workers in India.
  • We simply connect workers with hirer’s , whilst providing a simple to use UI that anybody can make use of to hire or to work.


  • Seperate signup and account feature for Workers and Hirer’s.

  • User can login into their account by using FaceBook authentication feature also.

  • Once the user logs in if the user is a worker,then in the upcoming screen user can see the list of requests made by the hirer’s.

  • Workers can select the job they want to do.

  • Once the user logs in if the user is a hirer,then in the upcoming screen user can see the list of workers according to the job.From the list depending upon the user requirement ,he can create a job request.

  • Hirer’s can create a job request which will be shown on the home page of the Worker.

  • Workers can accept or reject the job request depending upon their choice.

  • Workers can also chat with the Hirer’s about the details of job,wages and much more.

  • User can also know his/her account details.

  • User can also switch the UI of the app from Light mode to Dark mode or vice-versa.

  • Firebase User authentication

  • Login Persistence

  • Automatic Location Detection


1. This is the Welcome Screen or Home Screen of the app.

Light Mode and Dark Mode

1 2

2. This is the SignUp or Registration screen for Hirer and Worker.

Light Mode and Dark Mode


3. This is the LoginScreen or SignIn Screen.

Light Mode and Dark Mode


4. This is the Screen to fetch the location of the user.

Light Mode


5. Screen that shows the list of jobs that the user can select.

Light Mode and Dark Mode


6. This Screen is for worker from which worker can select the desired job from the list of offered jobs.

Light Mode and Dark Mode


7. This screen is for hirer from which hirer can hire the desired worker from the list of workers.

Light Mode and Dark Mode



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