? An Ambulance Tracking System!

A mobile application built using Flutter that notifies patients of nearby hospitals and the estimated time of arrival of the ambulance.It provides the hospital as well as ambulance drivers with critical information such as the patient’s location and enables effective GPS route management via real time traffic information on scheduled routes.


Other similar applications in the market focus more on communication between management and ambulance fleet, whereas TRACKIUM also incorporates features that keeps patients in the loop.

TRACKIUM ensures easy and accurate tracking and plays an integral part in the ambulance service’s success.


  • GPS enabled tracking system to monitor ambulances
  • Notifies about nearby hospitals to the patients
  • Assesses distance and traffic conditions to determine fastest route
  • Easy and efficient management of ambulance drivers

? ScreenShots

Sign-Up Screen

Login Screen

Role Screen

Patients Screen

Hospital Screen

Drivers Screen

?️ Building the Code

  • Clone the repository using HTTP : git clone
  • Open your code editor (VS Code, Android Studio etc)
  • Click on ‘Open an Existing Project’
  • Browse to the directory where you cloned the repo and click OK
  • Let your code editor import the project
  • To install the dependencies run flutter pub get in the terminal.
  • Build the application in your device by clicking ‘run’ button

? Tech Stack

  • Flutter
  • Firebase

Future Work

  • Monitor parameters like driver’s speed.
  • Monitor non-emergency speeding to improve driver safety.
  • Maintain recommended temperature for drugs or medicines.
  • Track asset history to suggest optimal routes.
  • Give an option to the patient to communicate the medical concern.
  • Multiple admin access where the system can be used by multiple sub-managers assigned by the managers.


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