I am rich is released under the GNU General Public License. GitHub Repository size.

A very basic flutter app that gives you affirmation you daily need by saying “I am Freaking rich!”

? Get Up and Running in 5 Minutes

You can get the EasyWeather up and running on your local dev environment in 5 minutes with these four steps:

  1. Install the Flutter SDK & Android Studio. Instructions.

  2. Open Terminal & navigate to the root directory of the project.

    cd Flutter-IamRich
  3. Run and launch the build on preferred device.

    flutter run
  4. Open the source code and start editing!

    Your app is now running on your physical device or emulator. Open the lib directory in Android Studio itself and edit *.dart files. Hot Reload your changes, and the app will update in real time!

At this point, you’ve got the fully functional EasyWeather App running. For additional information on how you can customize your Flutter Apps, see Google Codelabs

? How it looks on Mobile?


❓ Queries / Bugs

If you got any queries or found a bug, open an Issue.

? License

Licensed under the MIT License.

? Thanks

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