This library developed for making rubika bots in dart language you can get messages messages updates and send messages and…

Getting started

First import the library

import 'package:rubika/rubika.dart' as rubika;

Then make an instance from library

rubika.client Bot = new rubika.client("Your Auth");

Using Rubika methods

now you can use Rubika methods in your app for example

await Bot.sendMessage("Hello Dart", "Target");

Using crypto methods

To decode and encode Data’s of Rubika you can use these Static methods

print(rubika.encryption.decode("Data", "Auth"));


print(rubika.encryption.encode("Data", "Auth"));

Additional information

This library has not developed completly yet and its developing right now ? if you have any questions you can contact me in this messangers Rubika : @TheColonel Telegram : @KhodeColonel


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