Dart Runner Bot

A discord bot, made with Dart, which lets you run your own pure Dart code snippets directly via a discord ping, and get the output in an instant.

Want to share the output of your Dart code, or explain a snippet of code to someone with a realtime execution, or just have fun with print statements? The Dart Runner Bot is here to the rescue.

This is the first ever Discord bot that lets you execute your Dart code and get the output seamlessly.

Clone this repository and head to the `Steps to Follow section` to get started.

? Features

  • Run Dart Code instantly
  • Well-formatted output w/ Error line hinting
  • Dedicated help sections for commands
  • more features on the way…

? Screenshots

  • Help Section

    Help Section Screenshot

  • Command Specific Help

    Command Specific Help Screenshot

  • Successful Code Execution

    Successful Code Execution Screenshot

  • Compile Time Error Output

    Compile Time Error Output Screenshot

  • Run-Time Error Output

    Run-Time Error Output Screenshot

❓How to Use


  • Dart SDK is installed and added to PATH


  • Docker is installed

Steps to Follow

  • Create an Application, add a bot, and then get the BOT TOKEN from your Discord Developer Account

  • Create a .env file in the project root directory with these two values

    PREFIX=dart! <<<replace it with your preferred command prefix, remove this tag>
  • If you don’t have Docker on your system

    • Get the dependencies, in your terminal, execute –
      dart pub get
    • That’s it, now you can run the bot –
      dart ./bin/dart_runner_bot.dart
  • With Docker (if available)

    • Build the Docker Image from the Dockerfile present in the repo –

      docker build -t dart-runner-bot .
    • That’s it, run the docker image with the environment variables you made –

      docker run --env-file .env  dart-runner-bot

? Contributing

Contributions are always welcome!

See the Contribution Guide for ways to get started.

?Lessons Learned

Dart Runner Bot has been a really exciting and grasping project for me. This was my first attempt at creating a Discord. And starting out with a programming language (Dart) that has close to no discord bot creation tutorials, was definitely not the best idea.

But I did somehow manage to make this bot amazing (in my opinion at least)

I was driven by a friend’s (also member of the concerned Discord server) request to add this bot to the server.

I learnt many things along the way, the most notable ones are mentioned below –

  • Nyxx Library
  • Dart Processes
  • Docker Containers
  • Dart Isolates
  • Discord API
  • and so much more…

? Authors

? Acknowledgements

I thank @yahu1031 for helping me with the development of this bot, and for making his Flutter Bot source code publicly available.

Some chunks of really useful code have been taken from that repo. The source code of Dart-Runner-Bot will soon be merged to that project.

? License

Copyright © 2022-present, Anikate De

This project is licensed under Apache License 2.0


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