Deta Drive Dart

A dart library for Deta Drive Cloud Service

!Please never expose your private keys or push into public version control


  • Upload file to deta storage
  • List deta files
  • Delete deta files
  • Download deta files

x – Chunked upload `TODO`

Getting started

TL;DR Check out the amazing Deta here


Check the /example folder. **There is a complete view with riverpod in the examples folder

Create Deta object

import 'package:deta_drive/deta_drive.dart';

void main() async {
  final _deta = Deta(projectId: 'projectId', projectKey: 'projectKey');

  final drive = DetaDrive(drive: 'drive-name', deta: _deta);

  final drive2 = DetaDrive(drive: 'drive-name-2', deta: _deta);

  // ... <more-drives> per your requirement
  final myFiles = await drive.listFiles();


Additional information

ATTENTION Be smart, Keep your deta keys private


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